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Star Innovations - Software Training Institute.

Information technology penetrates deep into everyone’s life today Our Smart Phones are much more powerful than the super computers. In this era of convergence we can’t demarcate engineering and aesthetics in watertight compartments. So our philosophy emphasises on technical and creative side .

Star Innovations is a professionally managed company providing training in latest software technology with special focus on industry requirements. The main focus of Star Innovations is to enhance the employability of a technical student and make him a real professional. Star innovations offer an education experience that makes a real difference in the professional Career. Students trained from our institute are very successful in finding jobs due to the value they gain from the training and the certification which they get. We are one of the first partners with TCS iON(Tata Consultancy Services) in kerala . With their expertise we build our brand and now we have a experienced team in the training division . Our courses are designed by experts in the industry and this has helped students in their placements. . With The training curriculum is so advanced which matches with the industry requirement with exposure towards latest technologies.

The company provides a comprehensive education environment to individuals and enterprises, offerings training that is customized to the varied needs of audiences with diverse backgrounds. At Star Innovations we continuously strive to add and fine-tune our knowledge base in order to harness newer cutting-edge technologies to our services.

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