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What is MEAN Stack

MEAN or MERN Stack is a Javascript based full stack development platform. This stack is used by more than 70% software development companies. Javascript is the most adopted and used computer programming language nowadays. Typically in a web application there will be at least three tiers. Front-End, Middle ware and Persistence Tier. Traditionally in web applications, Views are created using generation of HTML elements. There HTML generation was done by running some server side logic/code. It is a waste of resource and dealy in response, When the same view is generated multiple times to different users. It is good to have all these views are pre-constructed and download it from some static web-servers instead of really to hit the application. Thus the load on the application will be less. There will be typically mutliple facaded web servers where by these staic assets are deployed or it will be pushed to CDN networks. MEAN Stands for four different technologies such as:MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js


MongoDB is a NoSQL document based Data base. It facilitate Master/Slave configuration in a better cluster topology like replications and sharding. To have huge volume of data to search and filter or aggregate MongoDB is the best choice. MongoDB stores data in JSON/BSON format. Since multiple Slave Servers will be n a replication, the data is better to store and retrieved faster from these replication servers.


Express is a framework which is used to build web applications using Node.js. There are many frameworks built on top of Express such as Loopback.


Angular is a Javascript based framework to deploy single page browser applications. Typescript is the major topic covered and the application will be developed using it. Angular makes the web application looks like desktop in terms of richness and robustness.


Reactjs is a Javascript based framework to deploy single page browser applications like Angular. Reactjs may be preferred from small to medium web applications. As in Angular there are many default enabled features may not be required for small but high speed web sites. Thus Reactjs and flexible framework works like Redux, Flux etc. can be more suitable.


Node is a platform which can execute Javascript codes. Traditionally Javascript was a language used only at Client side (Browser). However Node will help we can write a javascript application that can run as a server as well. Node has many good framework to build the web application faster. Express is one of them. However there are more extended version of Express is also available like Loopback.


Expertzlab MEAN Stack course in Kochi contains all the industry required contents and all of them will be implemented in the class with appropriate project usecases. Students will have immense experience in writing code and thus this MEAN Stack training program is a easy gateway to an IT Job as Software Developer.
Advanced Javascript and Web Design (1 month)
✅ Html, CSS3, Web Design, Bootstrap, Project Web Design, Canvas
✅ JavaScript and Advanced JavaScript (1 month Dedicated with all standard algorithms)

Typescript and Object Oriented Programming (1 month)
✅ TypeScript, Object Oriented Principles, Solid Principles, Project
✅ Classes, Interfaces, Ambiance, Type Descriptor, Destructive types
Angular (latest) (1.5 Months)
✅ CLI, Module, Components, Data binding, Providers, Pipes, Directives, Converters, NgModel two way binding, Component to component interactions, Services
✅ Forms, Template Driven forms, Reactive Forms, Client side Validations, Bean Validations, Templates, FormControls, FormGroups, Custom Validators, Routing, Child Routing, Nested Routing
✅ Custom Pipes, Custom Directives, Validation using Custom Directives, Pagination, NgPaginator, NgBootStrap, File upload, Hierarchical components
✅ Communication between nested components, EventEmitter and (RxJs) reactive programming, Streaming, Promises, Listeners and Handlers, HttpClient, Animations, Materials
✅ Reactjs, Web components, Nested components, Redux, Flux, State management, data binding, event binding
✅ Event Driven programming, Big Project with many use cases
Node, Express and One Advanced Framework over Express (1 Month)
✅ TCP/IP Server, Client, Http Server, Request, Response, Middleware
✅ REST API, Mongoose, DB Operations, Creating List, Schema, Model, Server side validations,
✅ NPM, Buffer, ArrayBuffer, StringBuffer, DataView, Streaming, Piping, Zip, Unzip
✅ NPM, Buffer, ArrayBuffer, StringBuffer, DataView, Streaming, Piping, Zip, Unzip
✅ Callbacks, Synchronous and Asynchronous, Sync, Async, Await, Promises, Event Loop, Emitter, FilesSystem, Globals
✅ Utility Module, Web Module, JSON parsing, XML Parsing, MIME, Multitype file formats, Cheer.io, Apex, Data-Forge
✅ Roles, Privileges, Authentication, Authorisation, JWT, Passport, Security, Encryption
✅ Mongoose CRUD (Create, Read/List, Update, Delete) Operations, MySQL, SQL, Sequelize, Transactions, Session, User Management
✅ Nginx, Apache, Heroku, AWS, Elastic Servers, Availability zones, Regions, Load Balancing, Server clustering and grouping
✅ Deploying in cloud, cloud computing, scaling, packaging
MongoDB and MySQL (1 month)
✅ Documents, Collections, Database
✅ JSON, BSON, Formats, Insert, Save, Update, Delete, Find, Aggregation Pipelines, Big Data Operations, MapReduce
✅ Indexing, Replication, Sharding, Backup, Drop, Remove, Truncate
✅ Sorting, Grouping, Wrangling, Unwinding, Data load, Capped Collections, Session Managed Collections
✅ Join, Transaction, Inner Join, DbRef, Multi-Collection Aggregations, Single Document and Multi-Document Transactions

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