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Basics of C# .NET

About this Course

This course will help the learner in understanding basics of C# programming.

The course comprises of a series of lectures aided by demonstrations and followed by hands-on sessions on the prescribed equipment and/or software that the course is designed to cover. Some amount of preparation by the participant is expected for each session, using the course material available in the form of printed books.

Post each session, the participant is expected to revise concepts and work on exercises provided at the end of each chapter in the books or assigned by the trainer during the session. There is a project that will be assigned mid-way through the course. The trainer will form groups who will work together on the project. The project will carry a significant portion of the marks that will decide the grade obtained by a student on completing the course. The other form of assessment will be an online exam comprising of Multiple Choice Questions at the end of the module.

On successfully completing the course, the participant is ready for a job as an entry level Web developer and can use this knowledge for setting up his/her own business.

Course Syllabus

This course comprises of the following modules:

C# Programming Concepts
This module will cover the .NET Framework and programming concepts using C#.
 Recommended Learning Duration:
 20 Hours
Final Exam – Online; Proctored
This is the final evaluation of learning.

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