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Core Java

About this Course

In this Course, participants will learn to:

  • Configure and work with Technology/Tool chosen from the offerings.
  • Handle a real life scenario individually.
  • Understand the theoretical concepts in details.
  • Design and develop an application/setup based on the technology chosen from the offerings.

Outcomes: This helps candidates to enhance their skills on specific technology relevant to their academic studies besides an opportunity to have an adequate hands-on/ assignments/practice on the technology.

The course will comprise of a series of lectures aided by demonstrations and followed by hands-on session on the prescribed equipment and/or software that the course is designed to cover.

Course Syllabus

All learners who register on or after May 1, 2017 will get access to the digitized courseware online on Digital Hub and no hard copy of courseware will be issued.

There are 2 modules for any technology chosen from the offerings for this course.

Technology Training
Brief Description :
The participants will learn the chosen technology by going through the learning material(s) and through Instructor-led training mode.
 Recommended Learning Duration:
 36 Hours
Mini Project
Brief Description :
To apply the concepts of learning in the assigned problem scenarios. Here the participants will be familiarized with the industry oriented approach for problem solving.
 Recommended Learning Duration:
 18 Hours
Final Exam- Online, Proctored
This is the final evaluation module of learning.

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