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Each JEE VST paper design is based on the last 20 years research and analysis of final JEE Papers. It incorporates two key observations: Which subtopic is preferred from within a chapter and the difficulty level of each question – The Vigyan of Paper Making. Thus, JEE VST is a learning improvement tool that is instrumental in reducing the wastage of time and effort, and increasing efficiency. It has transformed study habits of many students and because of its success, an increasing number of students are looking at JEE VST as their study guide.

The interactive assessment consists of very similar tests, analytics and auto guide and is an enjoyable and engaging way to learn. Because it is optimised for desktops, laptops and mobile devices, you can learn from anywhere anytime. It includes a multiple-choice practice exam which can be taken multiple times. IIT-JEE/NEET are very similar test papers prepared under the Director’s supervision with the OASIS key team that has produced 22 1st rankers in India over the last 25 years. Amongst the 22 1st rankers produced by the team, the best have been All India AIIMS 1st Ranker in 2005 (Shubhangi) and 2nd Ranker (Mayank Singhal).

On attempting this assessment, you will know how to increase your study output 3-4 times by smart time and effort management.

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Who would benefit?

Class 12th and 12th pass students


There are no prerequisites for taking this assessment.

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