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Certificate Programme in Java Technologies

About this Course

Java Certification course is designed to provide a hands-on approach to learn Java Programming with Database Concepts & Java Enterprise Edition (JEE). The course will also cover concepts on Java Frameworks like Spring with Hibernate and Struts. This will help the learner to become a professional java programmer or a web developer.

The course will comprise of a series of lectures aided by demonstrations and followed by hands-on session on the concepts of Java Programming and JEE and Spring with Hibernate, Struts that the course is designed to cover.

Some amount of preparation by the participant is expected, for each session, using the course material available in the form of printed books.

Post each session, the participant is expected to revise concepts and work on exercises provided at the end of each chapter in the books or assigned by the trainer during the session.

There is a project that will be assigned mid-way through the course. The trainer will form groups which will work together on a project. The project will carry a significant portion of the marks that will decide the grade obtained by a student on completing the course.

The other form of assessment will be an online exam comprising of Multiple Choice Questions at the end of the module.

Outcomes: After completing Java Certification course the learner will be able to start developing Java related stand-alone or web applications as required.

Course Syllabus

All learners who register on or after May 1, 2017 will get access to the digitized courseware online on Digital Hub and no hard copy of courseware will be issued.

There are 7 modules.

Java Programming
Brief Description :
This module will cover basics of programming concepts using Core Java.
 Recommended Learning Duration:
 70 Hours
RDBMS Concepts & SQL
Brief Description :
This module will cover RDBMS concepts & working with SQL.
 Recommended Learning Duration :
 30 Hours
Implementing programming Logic in Database
Brief Description :
This module will cover concepts on implementing programming logic in RDBMS.
 Recommended Learning Duration :
 20 Hours
Project – Database Programming
Brief Description :
Participants will take a small project to implement database programming using Core Java.
 Recommended Learning Duration :
 10 Hours
Advanced Java
Brief Description :
This module will cover concepts on JDBC, MVC Architecture, Servlet, Session Management, JSP Java Beans and JSTL.
 Recommended Learning Duration :
 60 Hours
Java Frameworks
Brief Description :
This module will cover concepts on Struts, Spring and Hibernate.
 Recommended Learning Duration :
 10 Hours
Project – Web Based Application
Brief Description :
Participants will take a small project to apply their learnings form this course.
 Recommended Learning Duration :
 10 Hours
Final Exam-Online, Proctored
This is the final evaluation module of the Java Certification Course.

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